Boston Grind Online Reading Discussion, May 18th

Saturday, May 18th, Care and Struggle Reading Group
6pm -8pm at the Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116, in Copley Square.

Topic this month: The Politics of Women and Health: how gender inequality serves capital and state control. We'll be reading several articles describing the lack of access to healthcare, mistreatment by medical institutions, and forced treatment (psychiatric and reproductive) that affect women, paying attention to the similar and different forms of oppression experienced by women who are from the dominant culture and those who are from minority communities or developing countries. Drawing upon insights from previous readings, such as Caliban and the Witch, we'll speculate on how such maltreatment benefits capital and the state.

Revisiting Wingate Street: Techno-Science and Women's Health:

Psychiatrisation: A Great Way To Silence Troublesome Women:

Gender Disparities in Clinical Decision-Making:

Focus on Lesbian Health:

Cracking Open CRACK: Unethical Sterilization Program Gains Momentum:

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