Grind Online Email List Protocol

Protocol for ALL Grind Online email lists. (Edited Fall 2012)

Grind Online lists are intended to be used for constructive discussion and organization in Grind Online.

Any Grind Online member, trial member, supporter with email should be able to remain on the list even if they have very limited access so it is vital that the number and size of mails on the list is kept to a reasonable level. The protocol below should encourage this - please respect it. Anyone who repeatedly breaks it will be unsubscribed. The Delegate Council moderate the email lists.

1. There is to be no flaming on Grind Online lists, that is no personal attacks on other Grind Online list subscribers

2. No post is to be sent to a Grind Online list with a content where quotations from previous posts makes up 33% or more of the text. In general we would encourage replies in an essay format. Please do not include the previous message at the bottom of your reply unless absolutely necessary. Make sure you edit it out.

3. There shall be no cross-posting between Grind Online lists. Please decide which list your post is best sent and send it to that list only.

4. Do not send more then one post on any one subject to a Grind Online list a day. This one-post-per-subject-a-day rule applies to the total number of posts sent to all Grind Online lists. That is, you can't send one post on one subject to the Grind Online discussion list, then another to Grind Online main list then a third to a caucus list. Choose wisely. However, people can send a MAXIMUM of three posts (on different subjects) to each list per day. If you have something to say on a subject in both official languages of the federation please send one email with both the french and English included and not two separate emails. Obviously this does not apply to genuine emergencies or posts send on behalf of Grind Online locals.

All internal discussion and debate within the federation shall be conducted on the Grind Online main list, discussion list or the appropriate caucus list.

5. Do not send announcements, posts or articles to a Grind Online list that are available elsewhere on the web or through other mailing lists unless you have added an introduction about why they are of interest to Grind Online and are proposing some activity around the issue.

6. Only current members, trial members, supporters of Grind Online are allowed on the Grind Online lists. New people on the list are encouraged to introduce themselves and describe the work of their collectives.

7. Do not forward messages from these lists outside of the list without the permission of the person who posted the message. That violates the confidentiality of participants, as this is a list for INTERNAL Grind Online purposes. Grind Online statements and calls are an exception to this rule.

8. Because these lists have federation matters discussed on them, participants are encouraged to print out messages from the list to share with other trusted members of their local who do not have e-mail access.