Meet our LAUNCH Youth Events Coordinators!

Tuesday, 4 March | 3 Comments

The 2014 LAUNCH Youth Events Training Program is underway, and we have welcomed six new Youth Events Coordinators to the team!



Brenton is a musician from Darwin, NT. He is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for local Rock/Reggae band Room 105 and has been actively involved in the Darwin Music scene since 2011, performing, stage managing and volunteering for various events. Brenton is excited to be part of the Launch team and gain some new skills and experience in the music industry.




Tiernan was born in 1993 in Darwin and lived here for two years. He moved to Halls creek learning guitar and music and after three years in Halls Creek he moved to Cocos keeling islands and lived there for two years, enjoying the amazing coral reefs. After Cocos he moved to Exmouth and spent two years there learning fishing and plenty of bush bashing skills. Finally he moved back to Darwin and since then has left school, worked alongside some amazing people, assisted in some amazing youth programs run by some good friends and have started a career in working in schools.





Nothing is better than doing what you love, and what she loves is to get up in front of a crowd and making people think and laugh or both. Her name is Alexandra but everyone calls her Lexie and she’s a keen participant in the performing arts community. She has been involved in Corrugated Iron for many years and is a Corrugated Iron Champion. She is passionate about circus and drama.





Kieran is currently working as a meat team member at Woolworths. Having previously done youth work in Queensland, he applied for the youth event coordinator role because he wanted to get back into a similar role and help youth out in Darwin. For two years he was a part of Burdekin Shire youth council, where he had been a part of a regional youth engagement conference and done Young Consultants 2-day Training with Create Foundation, and helped to facilitate workshops. He is looking forward to meeting a lot of different people through LAUNCH so if you see him around come and say hi!





She spends her free time in a limbo of tweeting, bouts of existential crises, devouring Kundera’s works, and taking her camera out for a walk. She’s particularly interested in independent films, indie pop & folk music, architecture and just about anything new to discover in art really. She also saves her soul by volunteering on humanitarian affairs and prioritizes child trafficking if she ever has the power to create world peace. She is expected to finish her MBA at Charles Darwin University this year.


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    Leenoir Rhyne Manuel

    Cazandra ur whole family is indeed proud you.. Well done couz..

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    Leenoir Rhyne Manuel

    Cazandra, Our whole family is indeed proud you.. Well done couz..

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  3. 03

    How did you even see this? What the hell

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