Tinika & Lilli’s Java Spice Extravaganza!

By Tinika and Lilli | Friday, 27 September | 2 Comments

A few select representatives from GRINDonline have set out on an ongoing mission to investigate the cafe situation around Darwin. Here is the first installment, when Tinika and Lilli caught up with one of the lovely ladies from Java Spice.

t1Grind: How many years have you worked at Java Spice?

Nice Java Spice Lady: One year.

G: What do you recommend is the best food and drink on your menu?

NJSL: Coffee and carrot cake.

GWhat do you enjoy about your job?

NJSLMeeting different people I think, different people have different attitudes

G: How many days a week do you work?


NJSL5 days per week.

G: Do you like the location? If not where would you prefer it?

NJSLYes, I like the location because many people work around here and come in for coffee breaks.

GIf you could be any whale what whale would you be?

NJSLI don’t like whales.


2 Responses to “Tinika & Lilli’s Java Spice Extravaganza!”

  1. 01

    YAY! It’s up

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  2. 02

    I can’t believe she doesn’t like whales!

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