Meet Manuel- Our work experience student from Timor!

By Manuel Lemos | Tuesday, 3 September | 2 Comments


Dear Readers;

My name is Manuel Soares Lemos(Nickname Chody) I am 18 years old and I am from East Timor. I’m here at Kormilda College In Exchange for a year. I got the scholarship from Rotary Club from East Timor; the opportunity that Rotary Club has given to me is fantastic. I am so excited because now I am here in Darwin/ Australia. I am in    Year 10 now.

Where I grew up in the village of Estado/ Aitura in Ermera District is a place that is surrounded by mountains and lots of coffee. Ermera District is a produced a lot of coffee in the whole thirteen District in East Timor. In my family we were twelve, but five of us have passed a way, including my parents.

My mother died in 2000, in my village from tuberculosis, and three years later my father died at home from tuberculosis as well. At that time I felt deep sadness, because I lost the big love from my mum and dad.

In 2004, the orphanage called family Hope was founded by Mr. Isa Bradridge (Australian) and Mrs. Ina Bradridge (Timorese) in Ermera District, but it was in town called Gleno, and Gleno is a Capital of Ermera District.

After the death of my parents I stayed with my older brother John but because he could not support me I had to go to the orphanage. I stayed there from 2004 until now.

Singapore is the first country that I’ve been too in 2011; I spent three months there, doing homeschooling with Susan Eng.

I like to play soccer, table tennis, reading, playing guitar and making new more friends.  But I like to play soccer much because a lot of Timorese’s youth loves to play soccer.

Yesterday I started doing my work experience as a Community Development Worker here in the City of Darwin City Council; I found it pretty interesting because there are verities of jobs and that’s what I may be would be doing when I finish my studying from Year 12 or continuing University and to become a Community Development Worker. But as my first day of doing work experience it was a bit nervous and not entirely sure what’s to do! Because it’s my first time and it’s new for me to, but let me tell you, I was very happy with what I have done yesterday because it was fascinating me and people who are helping me they are such a nice people. And I also felt vey thrilled because I had a chance to talk with a Lord Mayor and different employers. During the time I talked with a Lord Mayor, I asked her a few questions about her jobs as a Lord Mayor? What types of jobs has she provide for all the Community in Darwin? She said “ her jobs is to make sure people in Darwin live in a great environment and able to access to their education, clean environment, and health services”.

The most interesting things I want to find out so far from doing this experience is that how can your help your people in your Community in the Future? Especially as young people like you and me!

I am very grateful, in coming here I have learnt some new experience, things and met wonderful people.

Kind Regards,

Manuel S. Lemos


2 Responses to “Meet Manuel- Our work experience student from Timor!”

  1. 01

    Just loved reading about your life Manuel!
    You are a wonderful writer and I know the whole Team is very happy to have you come and work with us, even if for a short time. We hope you enjoy the week ahead.


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  2. 02
    Katrina Fong Lim

    Really good to meet you Chody and I loved your article, you write very well. I am so happy that you are still so positive after such sadness. I know that you will be a great Community Development Officer. Also, thanks for “liking” me on facebook.

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