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Its not everyday that you get the opportunity to gather with young people your are and discuss how we are displayed in the world of media.

Media Makers was a great experience for me because I got to meet new people and I also got to interview a few locals from the Top End.

I strongly encourage the young people of Darwin from ages 12 to20 to joing GRINDonline and  attend future Media Makers workshops {add link} You’ll get to meet some amazing people like Amy (facilitator of the Media Makers Workshops) and the awesome crew in Youth Services at City of Darwin! In the Media Makers workshop you will learn the basics of journalism and report on issues from a youth perspective. But most importantly, you will have FUN!

By Joyce Akena

Media Makers is am amazing free 3 day workshop that teaches 12 – 20 yearMedia Makers at work! olds the basics of journalism. The facilitator, Amy, who is a bright, amazing and funny person has done a degree in journalism and had heaps of experience to share with us! The 14 people that attended the workshop were put into three groups. From there we made our own new clips about some current issues in Darwin. Media Makers was a great opportunity and it is free! lunch, snacks, cameras, drinks and equipment were all provided. It was an awesome experience!

By Naomi Bessel

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