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My name is Zandrea Gordon I come from W.A Kununurra  and I like going out to my community

My favourite thing to do are to go fishing hunting and camping. We love to eat bush food because we like to be strong and healthy.

My community is very small but it’s really fun. I do lots of things with my family we all like to  look after our community.

What I like about my community is going swimming we have a big river behind our house, just two minuts walk! We like to swim all day and it’s a good exercise.

We also keep our community safe. We don’t allow alcohol or drugs we love to keep our community healthy and safe.

I hope you like my story about my community



My favourite  thing is  art, because when ever im doing art i feel happyLayla.

Even when I’m feeling down, I do a painting or drawing and I just feel happy again

Art runs in my family. My grandma  paints and mum & uncl draw  and me; i do all of it.

When I have nothing to do or when I’m bored I paint or a draw.

I do a art to express how I feel and what i am thinking.

I love doing art becaues I’m good at it.




Where I come from, me and my family, is a very small community we love doing art panting

In the afternoon we just go at  the woman centre and getting all the young people to together and pass on dreamtime stories to the young people in the community.

Sometime we take young people down the river to taking about what is like to do art panting and do different things in the community to make us live strong.




Trainees in the house!

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    Denise McGarry

    I am so proud of you lovely young ladies….looks like you had a great week. Well done to you all.

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