Raise Awareness About Cyber Bullying Competition!

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Watch My Space - http://www.watchmyspace.com.au/watch-my-space-competition

Watch My Space is a cyber solution to a cyber problem driven by young people working with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts and NT Police. The goal of the website is to help shift the mindset of bystanders, build resilience of victims, and increase understanding of this significant social issue.

Watch My Space have recently announced a Territory wide competition for 12-18 year olds designed to raise awareness about cyber bullying, the problems and possible solutions by encouraging positive use of cyber space.

“But what do I have to do” you ask? Simply express your experiences, attitudes, awareness and understanding of cyber bullying through one of four different categories (Video, Audio, Words, Art). So, you can make a short film, write and record a song, express yourself selve through artwork created via photography, drawing or poster design, or you can submit a written response as poetry, essay, short story etc.

You can respond however you like, as long as your submission fits into one of the four categories below. We want you to submit it and be in the running for great prizes.

Simply be creative and unique  so we can make cyberspace a: 

Fight against cyber bullying

And if thats no enough of an insentive, Watch My Space will be giving away over $17,000 worth of prizes! This is a great opportunity for the young people get on board, and come up with some creative solutions to cyber bullying.

Check out the website for all the details about entering the competition: http://www.watchmyspace.com.au/watch-my-space-competition and good luck! Lets beat those bullies!

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