John Marsden Young Writers Competition Open

By Liam | Tuesday, 21 June | 10 Comments

Internationally Celebrated author John Marsden presents the competition, with $5500 in the awards pool.The John Marsden Young Writers Prize is back for 2011!

Presented by Express Media and internationally acclaimed author John Marsden, the competition aims to encourage young writers by offering awesome prizes, great exposure and recognition from one of Australia’s most important authors.

There are two categories to enter in: Short Story and Poetry. There are separate competitions for people under 18 and people aged 18-25.

First place winners of both the Poetry and the Short Story Prize for under 18s receive $500 each. In the 18 – 24 Category the first place winner of the Short Story prize wins $3,000 and the first place winner of the poetry prize wins $1500.

First place winners are also published in the December issue of youth publication Voiceworks, while second and third place winners (as well as those with honourable mentions) are published on the Express Media website.

Entries must be submitted by mail before 5pm Wednesday 31st August 2011.

At the time of writing, the Express Media website ( was having maintenance problems. So in order to get an entry form or more details you might need to email them at

10 Responses to “John Marsden Young Writers Competition Open”

  1. 01


    could you please email me an entry form or the details of the 2011 Express Media John Marsden Young Writers Comp.


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  2. 02
    Connor Kent

    I was just wondering when the winners will be anounced.
    I have already entered


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  3. 03

    According to the Express Media website, The John Marsden award winners will be announced on the 16th of December at the 2011 Express Media Awards Extravaganza in Melbourne, and most likely published online and elsewhere after this.

    For more info –

    Good luck with your entry Connor!

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  4. 04
    Connor Kent

    Thanks Liam that was a great help a bit far away though.

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  5. 05

    Yeah, you’re right, but you’ll still be able to find out about the awards.

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  6. 06
    Chloe Not Telling

    Will there be a John Marsden Comp. for 2012? I really want to enter but I missed the date.
    PS John Marsden is like the best writer ever!
    PPS That last PS was not true.
    PPPS Stephenie Meyer is like way better!
    PPPPS That last PS was true.
    B) Chloe

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  7. 07
    Faith Blake

    can you send me the details for the 2012 comp. i would like to enter too. PS, John Marsden books are way better, and this is a twilight hater saying this

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  8. 08

    Hi Chloe and Faith,

    Sorry, but we don’t have any information about the 2012 awards; they are run by another group called Express Media –

    To find out more information, I think you might have to email them on because I can’t find any information for 2012 on the website!

    Hope this helps! As soon as we get some more info we’ll upload another article about it!

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  9. 09
    Jonty Godfrey

    I’ve entered the competition, an I’d like to know when the winners/prizes are announced.
    Thank You

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  10. 10

    Hey, when I first saw this I really wanted to enter because I LOVE John Marsden! Could someone please send me the enrty form? Thanks!

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