Ned In The Grass: A McInterview With Ned & Friends: Part 1

By Olive | Wednesday, 18 May | 4 Comments

Ned & Friends are quickly becoming a house-hold name in Darwin with their blood-pumping, rush inducing, rocking live shows. Already signed to themselves, they have produced one album of absolute rock. Their catchy and energetic songs along with quirky stage antics win crowds over in moments.

Ned & Friends want YOU to buy their merchandise

Jack, Mitchell, Sean and Ned (from left to right) of Ned & Friends

The band’s quick rise has provoked interest in several high-profile media outlets and has finally drawn the attention of GRIND Online, which sent out its best interviewer/reporter, Olivier Hasan-Fourcard, to track them down…


I’m waiting eagerly to meet Ned & Friends at the popular lunching place McDonald’s, in Stuart Park, hoping to get a quick interview with the band. Writhing in the excruciating agony of anticipation, they finally arrive, 45 minutes later than planned and apologise by ways of giving me exclusive rights to the interview.

I was in for a treat. Because this is what they said…

Me: Can you guys first-

Jack: What did you do yesterday?

Me: Could I get you guys to, ah-

Jack: What do you do?

Me: Well, I celebrated International Day of Shut Up – I’m the one asking the questions. Can you guys introduce yourselves and tell me what you ordered?

Mitchell: Ah, I, I just went and got a small coke. I had to kind of ask some other guy for money though. Um, I got four straws so that we could all share but no one… it’s cool.

Ned: What’s your name?

Mitchell: Uh, I’m Mitchell.

Ned: (drawling) Hi Mitchell.

Jack: Hi Mitchell.

Ned: Hi, I’m Ned and I just bought I think the manliest drink you can get. Pink frozen coke. (& Friends stare at Ned). I rest my case.

Jack: I’m Mick Jagger. I bought a large frozen coke. You know what my favourite thing about frozen cokes are?

Me: (shaking head) No, no.

Jack: They’re frozen.

Sean: Well wait, what about normal cokes man?

Jack: You know my least favourite thing about normal cokes? They’re not frozen.

Ned: Damn. Wisdom.

Sean: I’m Sean, my nickname’s Sean. I got a burger, with some chips and a drink and some extra napkins for when I like to get dirty with it.

Me: I can see already (Sean has burger sauce all over his face and on the table).

Jack: Like he gets really dirty.

Sean: Like close your eyes.

Ned: Super dirty.

Jack (left) and Sean (right, getting dirty) from Ned & Friends

Jack (left) and Sean (right, getting dirty) from Ned & Friends

Me: That leads us to my next question. You guys just won Battle of the Bands last week, how do you feel about playing at Bass In The Grass this year?

Ned: Bass?

Jack: Oh, actually it’s been changed. It’s called Ned In The Grass, now.

Mitchell: Chief Minister announced it this morning.

Jack: So yeah, we’re pretty excited at playing at Ned In The Grass.

Me: So they’re naming the event after you now?

Ned: It’s a pretty big achievement.

Jack: They asked us to release it to the press.

Sean: They’re not, (points to the other band members) they’re mucking around, it’s called Bass In The Grass.

Jack: Ned In The Grass.

Ned: Bass.

Me: Well, Bass Ned In The Grass. Has the date been changed or is it still on May 21?

Ned: It’s still the 21st, but it’s been changed to Ned & Friends Month, Ned & Friendsay, based on May. Next question.

Me: You thanked somebody called a Based God at Battle of the School Bands, what is Based God?

Mitchell: Bass In The Grass. Based God. It’s not hard to put together. Don’t confuse me here-

Sean: Honestly, are you retard?

Jack: Olive, I’ve been hanging out with you and listening to Based God for a long- Why would you even need to ask that in an interview?

Me: I had no idea-

Jack: You’re my friend. I always listen to him with you.

Me: I’m sorry Jack, you know-

Jack: You would know exactly what I’m talking about; I’ve seen you go on his Wikipedia page.

Me: You know my memory’s pretty bad.

Sean: I don’t want to do this anymore, I’m going guys.

Me: Come back!

Sean: Alright.

Me: Thanks. So, are you guys releasing an album?

Ned: We’re actually recording this weekend at Darwin’s newest studio at Kormilda (College). What’s it called, um-?

Sean: It’s Kormilda’s new, completely, ah-

Jack: Ned & Friend’s Studio. They named it after us.

Mitchell: There’s a plaque, above the ground.

Ned: We’re actually cutting the ribbon. Ribbon cutting.

Jack: In the foyer there is a statue of Ned naked.

(Video below – Ned hard at work in the studio at Kormilda, preparing for Bass Ned)

Me: How did you get this deal with Kormilda College?

Mitchell: I am friends with, um well, not friends – that’s not the right word. I just, I’ve just been around members of the Board, the Board of Schools and they took, ah, took a shine to me. Money exchanged hands, favours exchanged hands. Got a studio.

Jack: That’s kind of the same way we won, oh, the…

Sean: I also asked my dad if we could use it and he said yeah.

Me: So you know a lot of people then?

Ned: A lot of people know us.

Jack: That’s true.

Ned: (winking) A lot, of people, know, us.

Jack: A lot of people know us, have you seen our Facebook, man?

Ned: Our Facebook man, I think we have-

Sean: 344 fans.

Ned: And rising, man, and rising.

Sean: Slowly.

Me: That is pretty good.

Ned: Living the dream

Mitchell: It’s actually – it’s funny, because AJM have like 500.


Sean: AJM are (colourful expletives deleted).

Me: Do you guys have any ex-members?

Mitchell: We do, but we don’t talk about them.

Ned: Oooh, ex-members, yeah we don’t talk about them.

Jack: That’s a touchy subject buddy.

Sean: Wait, we do?

Ned: Well, there is-

Sean: Leo -

Jack: Get the camera out of his face! (Swats Ned and his digital camera away from Sean)

Ned: There is, there’s definitely Elroy.

(Realisation dawns around the room)

Mitchell: Elroy?!

Sean: Oaaaaaahhhh!! Why did I say Leo??

Jack: Dude, you didn’t even remember him, man?

Ned: So obviously he’s not really that… he was-

Jack: Wasn’t eating those chips?

Ned:  Ah, he was a kindred spirit. But, ah, we were glad to see him go.

Me: Sorry to bring that up guys, um, do you have a roadie?

Ned: Multiple roadies, actually.

Sean: No, Leo’s our only roadie.

Jack: Are talking about the one’s that sex you?

Sean: That’s groupies.

Ned: Nah, groupies, bro.

Me: Do you guys have something to say, that I have to censor?

Ned: Yes.

Sean: (expletives deleted) Get amongst it.

Ned: Get amongst it (expletives deleted).

Jack: We want to make it known to the press that Ned & Friends merchandise is in the works.

Sean: Ned & Friends merch. We’ve got, completely custom shirts being made. We’ve got a designer from Darwin making the design. They’ll be for sale at Bass In The Grass for $20. With that you’ll also get a CD with-

Jack: What if Bass In The Grass tax us on the shirts?

Sean: They don’t.

Jack: They don’t?

Ned: They better not.

Jack: I bet they would.

Sean: If they do, we’ll just walk around, selling them.

Jack: At Ned In The Grass, that is.

Sean: The shirts are 20 bucks each, they’re mediums, smalls and larges. You get a Ned & Friends CD with a couple of tracks on it that have been rerecorded and remastered at the Kormilda College studio. You also get a little memento. We’re all going to go into our houses and find little things we don’t really need and you get something from that. So used tissues, used co-

Mitchell: I’d like to take the time to say, that this is the most artist to fan thing that has ever been done.

Mitchell & Sean: Ever.

Sean: Ever. In the history of music.

Jack: We are going straight to the fan base and…

Mitchell: Giving them our stuff.

Ned: Some have called us, ah… The Beatles.

(& Friends laugh)

Jack: “Are you guys The Beatles?”

Mitchell from Ned & Friends drinks through a very long straw

Mitchell tests his tri-straw

Me: So people have genuinely, gone up to you and mistaken you for The Beatles?

Ned: No, no, prior to one of our gigs. I mean, it’s a common misconception. There’s four of us and there’s four members of The Beatles.

Jack: Writing songs about my generation.

Ned: You know, people ask, “Are you guys The Beatles?” and we’ve had to respond with a modest, “No”.

Mitchell: I love my life. Yo, Ned.

Ned: Sick straw, bro.

Mitchell: Wait a sec.

(Mitchell is just finishing to connect the four straws he had together, to form one long straw. He then successfully drinks his coke through it.)

Mitchell: Oh my god, it works.


Please don’t take this interview in full earnest.

Although, in all honesty, Ned & Friends assured me that there really will be band merchandise available at Bass In The Grass and that they’d like to see everyone in a Ned & Friends shirt, as well as donning whatever goodie they get from either band man’s house.

For $20, you get a cool band shirt, a CD with awesome music in it and a personal do-hickey from one of the band members. Be sure to hear, see and buy from them before they sell out at

Darwin Amphitheatre
21 May 2011



Coming Soon: Part 2 of this McInterview, with added rap.

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    Taiwan Terry

    YEah! I Love! Friends, Ned make my people happy. Full of rock and sometimes also the rollings.

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    what a pathetic excuse for a band — Moderator: Don’t be mean! :(

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    This article is awesome! Thanks for the laugh! and the info that I belatedly read … I missed out on a shirt and a cd :(
    @Moderator: YOU WIN THE INTERNET!

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