The Idea For An International Party

By Olivier | Monday, 30 May | 2 Comments

1. Become really good friends with 20-30 people from all over the world. By really good, I mean travel to their country to meet them, and keep up correspondence.

2. Organise for each one of them to fly/boat/walk/drive/swim to your place for one week or one night. Money for their travel doesn’t have to be your own.

3. Tell them that the reason why you are organising for them to stay for one night is because you are holding a party and would like them to come.

4. Do not tell them that the other 19-29 people that are going to be there are also your international friends.

5. They all arrive.

6. Celebrate your success with 30 people from all over the world.

Your Party Could Look Like This!

Your Party Could Look Like This!

“Man, yesterday I flew to (obscure country, far, far away) for this insane party. There were people from all the corners of the world there. It was an amazing night.”
– One of your friends.

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    8. PROFIT!!!

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