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1.            Cats are lovely.

2.            Cats can be a nice cushion for your head

3.            Cats can have cute kittens

4.            Cats can make you sneeze, this is a positive if you like sneezing. I like sneezing.

5.            Cats sleep almost all day

6.            You never know if they like you or not.  They always keep you guessing.

7.            I like that they’re fuzzy

8.            They always think its dinner time

9.            I like when they get really excited over something unexciting, like fluff, or string. It’s amusing.

10.            My cat is my favourite form of amusement.

11.            You will never leave the house without a layer of cat hair on your clothing.

12.            When  you meet someone new who has a cat, you have something to talk about.

13.            You will always have a friend to cuddle (almost always)

14.            They will sit on your head when you’re ready for bed. Keeping your head warm.
15.            They will remind you that you have not fed them and they are starving even if you have fed them.

6 Responses to “WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE A CAT.”

  1. 01

    How could you not like us?

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  2. 02

    I especially agree with point 9, who knew string could be so interesting!

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  3. 03

    My cat’s breath smells like lizard and gekko. Do you know how awesome those animals are? And cute! And people overseas pay LEIK HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, GAIZ! For even one… and my cat just… chomps away… TT^TT

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  4. 04

    They love to chase laser pointers too! Try it, just don’t shine it in their eyes.

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  5. 05

    And they HATE alfoil. It’s TRUE. Put some in it’s path. It will hate to walk on it. Don’t make little cat booties from alfoil. It will not appreciate them.
    My friend had a cat that loved a particular sock. They put it on its head (like a balaclava) and it went to sleep.
    Two true stories.

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  6. 06

    Because Harry Styles likes cats.

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