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converse shoesWalking down a street will never be the same again without strutting your stuff in some ‘Chucks’…Chuck Taylors, All-Stars that is, or better known as the Converse Shoe. So you wear them, but do you actually know the history behind it all?You’re about to find out.

The shoe was first produced in 1917, to capture the eyes of basketballers. They weren’t very popular until Chuck Taylor chose them as a preferred footwear. Coloured and patterned shoelaces became well-liked to match the basketballers team colours and these were available before 1966. A lot more colours and styles were available afterwards. Most of the styles were co-designed by Taylor himself before he died in 1969.

Converse was soon bought by Nike where production of the shoe was moved abroad from America. This changed thefabric used to make the shoe from a 2ply cotton canvas to a 1-ply textile.The shoe is available in many different colours, prints and styles. It’s very rare to not see anyone wearing a Converse shoe nowadays. With the different colours and styles, it can pretty much match with any outfit and still look heaps cool.

The shoe has been a fashion trend for the punk-rockers since the late-1970s. ‘Chucks’ soon again became popular within the grunge culture in the 90s and also with Gangsta Funk! The shoes popularity soared with teenagers with its old school, rock-torn look which makes it the most successful shoe in history. Even with the emo scene, the shoe has been more popular with the rock scene.

750 million pairs of Chucks have been sold worldwide since the turn of the century and more every single day. Customisation of the shoe is now a must. Changing the shoe laces with other colours and adding beads, wearing two different shoes together, or even writing along the rubber of the shoe. But now, if you go onto the Converse website, you can create your own unique style, and they will make it, which in my opinion is really cool, and a way to show off to your friends.

It’s fair to say that the Converse won’t fail on producing anymore Chuck Taylors anytime soon, seeing its popularity within certain cliques and fashion trends, the shoe will be covering feet for a very long time.

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